Using PyWren for Massive Scraping Jobs

This semester I am enrolled in a really great class at BU called CS506: Computational Tools in Data Science. We have gone over a lot of great foundational concepts through various mini projects, from clustering restaurant districts in Vegas from simple JSON data, to using machine learning algorithms to predict income of individuals from US … Continue reading Using PyWren for Massive Scraping Jobs

Democratizing Research; Stanford Scholars Program

With break, exams and the like keeping me from putting a new post on the blog, I've been trying for a few days to get this awesome find down on paper. If you're anything like me, you find enjoyment doing research. Even though it might not be the best career path for other industry minded … Continue reading Democratizing Research; Stanford Scholars Program

A Cross Campus Startup Competition; InnovateEDU

As a college student in Boston, one thing that has always frustrated me was the little amount in which students collaborate across colleges. At BU, I can go to the top of our StuVi study hall, and see the likes of MIT, Harvard, BC, Northeastern, and Emerson to name a few. My freshman year fall … Continue reading A Cross Campus Startup Competition; InnovateEDU