A Cross Campus Startup Competition; InnovateEDU

As a college student in Boston, one thing that has always frustrated me was the little amount in which students collaborate across colleges. At BU, I can go to the top of our StuVi study hall, and see the likes of MIT, Harvard, BC, Northeastern, and Emerson to name a few.

My freshman year fall semester I went through BU’s Startup Challenge. Here I created a mobile app, and pursued it quite a bit after, called RevoCare, which aimed to facilitate the doctor-patient relationship to streamline and improve patient experience. One of the best experiences going through this was the times when I got to meet with students from other colleges around Boston to discuss the idea. Along with this, it frustrated me that, through this Startup Challenge, I was only able to get a “BU-perspective”.

This is precisely why, after months of work, and years later, myself and three others from Northeastern, MIT, Emerson and BU, including myself, have decided to start an advanced student-startup competition called InnovateEDU. This spring, it is in its inaugural semester, and we are on track to scale up to double the size this semester.

Lineup of Schools Competing in InnovateEDU’s Inaugural Semester

The program works by taking elite teams of 5 from each school to compete against one another to come up with an original idea, a business model, a prototype, and culminates in an investor pitch competition at Hatch Fenway on April 12th, 7pm. Throughout the semester, teams are exposed to workshops at each of the schools mentioned ranging from ideation, market research, product development, finance/logistics, and many others. Teams also have the advantage of pooled resources, shared entrepreneurial-related calendars, and major publicity and networking across Boston.

So far we have garnered support from the rich, incredible entrepreneurial ecosystem in Boston, and I am incredibly excited to be able to post in the future regarding updates on the program.

If you’re interested in hearing more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Id love to hear feedback and give more information if needed.


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