Boston Student Innovation Night

“I feel as though the entrepreneurial ecosystem here in Boston is even better than San Francisco in many ways”

Hearing this as I immediately walked into WeWork, a collaborative workspace in downtown Boston, gave me a shot of energy. A hot bed of academic powerhouses. A thriving young population. A beautiful setting, a historic perspective, top hospitals…the list goes on and on. Needless to say, I am lucky to be a student here in Boston.

Boston Student Innovation Night is one of many events held to bring together students from across the city who use their skills to push for innovation. It was a fantastic event, with panelists who came from local companies such as New Grounds Food and Bistara. There were also student entrepreneurs who came to practice their pitches, with ideas ranging from creating a news outlet that focuses on local politics, to providing coding lessons to disadvantaged youths who otherwise would have limited resources to learn. It is a great resource for networking and inspiration, and events like this are aplenty in the vibrant entrepreneurial community of Boston.

The event was also co-run by an intriguing initiative called Startup Island, which takes qualified college students to Costa Rica for spring break to join student entrepreneurs from across the globe to learn, network, and experience new culture. Although they are based in New York, they frequent Boston for their events, and sponsor many initiatives students like myself start. For instance, a few friends and I from Northeastern, BU, MIT and Emerson have started a cross-campus student startup competition called InnovateEDU, and Startup Island was kind enough to give us a table and publicity at the Innovation Night in an effort to expand our outreach.

On top of this, WeWork was also generous enough to host the event, and are another great resource to know of as an entrepreneur in Boston, and have a mission to provide great space to help individuals grow their businesses. The space they have put together downtown is truly special, and is one worth looking into if you are starting out.

Keep updated on posts I write about these events if you’re a budding entrepreneur yourself, and hopefully you can find the time to go check out events like this if you are in the Boston-metro area.



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